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Bad Receipts

Kevin Hart was chosen to host the Oscars — a show that I personally don’t watch, but still I know it’s a big deal in the entertainment world. Kevin himself called the choosing “the opportunity of a lifetime.” All fine and good. Kevin’s a funny guy; I think he’d make the show better for everyone.

But then, a common thief of the famous person’s present-day joy showed up and sucked all the fun out of everything, as this thief is wont to do.

Old tweets.

Kevin had said some anti-LGBTQ things almost ten years ago on his Twitter. These tweets were all directed at friends of his and said as jokes, the same kind of stuff I’ve heard Kevin say in his standup shows. Kevin Hart is a professional comedian. But dammit if the world isn’t so sensitive now that even the paid jokesters don’t have limits to what is allowable.

Here’s what happened next.

Some internet sleuth dug up and publicized the old tweets.
This digging-up went viral on social media.
The backlash caused the Oscars people to contact Kevin Hart and ask Kevin to issue a public apology for the old tweets, which would, presumably, make everything fine and good. Had Kevin honored this request, I’m sure there would be another apology from Kevin during the show.
Kevin, who had addressed the old tweets in the past, passed on the apology bit.
It was announced that Kevin Hart would no longer be hosting the Oscars.
People are happy…?

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