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Avoid The #1 Mistake When You Want Your Work To Be Fun...

I’m working on a book right now. Two books, actually.
They’ll be coming in some sort of package deal (that we haven't yet settled on) later this year. Right now I’m in the read-through-and-eliminate-stuff step of the process. This is the most EXCRUCIATING part of the process.
Writing and adding material (the part many authors never complete) is fun.
Editing is productive (and quite insightful when you have a good editor).
Recording the audiobook is fun and puts finality on the job.
Actually publishing, telling the public and selling is the best part (if you like selling -- which you should if you write a book).

This part of removing shit is brain-draining. Two things push me through it:
1) I know that most would-be authors never do this, and I’m competitive -- even against ghosts.
2) My reward for finishing this first book is that I get to work on the second book. The second book is the one I’m really excited about.

What this means for you: Not everything in a job -- even one that seems as glorious as Author / Influencer / CEO / Entrepreneur -- is a highlight. Most of it, actually, is more b-roll than highlight reel.

What this means to you in your life or business: Pushing through the long days and tedious tasks are what pave the road for the highlights.

Your next step: Listen to episode #1705: “3 Ways To Stop Expecting Life To Be A Continuous "Highlight"” now at

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