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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Attention = Production
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Attention = Production

Around 2011, I realized that, If I was going to make a business out of my basketball workouts, I needed to be tracking what I was doing to have a clear read on my performance. How many drills am I doing? How long is it taking? What results from all of that?

My video-making was the foundation  for everything people know me for now. Its how I connected to an audience and got to know what people wanted. I found out what I did that people most needed. And it created a whole new genre of content that’s changing the world, as people are making full-time incomes from posting their own workouts, in any sport, online.

Despite this, I still neglect to track my work in many other areas, and as a result found myself not getting the type of returns I expected, not sure what wasn't working or why that was. The things I tracked and paid attention to, however, never seem to slip.

Here are some points to address in your life when it comes to tracking your work.

What gets tracked, gets done. The reason is simple: you're watching yourself. And when you watch yourself not doing what you know you need to do, it has the magical effect of moving you to actually do it.

What you pay attention to, produces results. You're either watching yourself get better at it, or taking action to find out why you're not getting better at it. If you're not looking, time and opportunity can slip by quietly and leave you wonder where it all went.

When you're good, and not tracking your work, you get frustration. There’s no worse feeling than that of knowing you have the game to be out there, but you're not. Someone with less ability than you, is doing a job that should be yours, because you let your guard down, relaxed, and now find yourself on the outside looking in.

The stuff you're best at, you should pay the most attention to to get the highest possible ROI out of your game.

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They say a watched pot doesn't boil. This isn't true; the only pot that doesn't boil is one without the necessary heat. Put enough heat -- attention, time, focus -- on anything of yours, and things will happen.

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