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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Around The Corner: You Cant Move Forward Fueled By Fear
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Around The Corner: You Cant Move Forward Fueled By Fear

People are too afraid of shit in this life.

The most successful people I know or see just always seem to have considerably less fear than the average person. They don't fret so much over what could go wrong and why something could be risky or dangerous.

This doesn't mean recklessly jumping into things. You can analyze a situation and make a smart choice to act or not act, but once the decision is made, the time for analysis is over. So many people act with their main focus on what bad stuff might happen or how they don't want to mess up. And then bad stuff happens and they mess up, which only strengthens their paranoia in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Making this a habit, you'll find yourself having power relative to the average person who tiptoes into everything. This mindset also frees your mind, which is no longer weighed down with worries and what-ifs.

When I was learning to drive a car, my father always told me to "gas into your turns". That meant to press on the gas pedal as the car was turning, which helps the car turn tighter and easier. That's the only exact quote I remember from being taught and I've never forgotten it.

You will never move at full speed while worrying about what's around the corner. Just turn, gas and go.

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