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Are You Worthy Of Receiving?

There's a lot of abundance in the universe (redundant? Ah, well). It has to go somewhere. Will you be the one to receive at least some of it?

I've said many times that the universe does not owe you a thing. And that's true. What's also true is that the rewards most people want -- recognition, attention, money -- are overflowing in their existence and just waiting to go to a worthy recipient.

Just being alive doesn't make you worthy. Worthiness means your prayers are asking for these things every single day. BUT WAIT! This is not a post about religion. I haven't been to church in a long time.

Your prayer is the way you live your life. Your every thought, word, and action is a prayer to the universe asking for that energy to return you. If your prayer is dedicated, hard work that helps others in some way, you're asking to be helped back, with the rewards you're consistently thinking about (because your thoughts are a magnet that draw the subject of your dominant ones right to your front door).

There is no scarcity in the universe when it comes to money or recognition. No matter how much anyone else has, you can get just as much as even more. It will never run out. You just have to position yourself to be the one who gets it next.

Say your prayers.

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