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Are You Unhappy At Your Job? Monetize Your Own Expertise

When I talk to people who work at jobs about work -- theirs and mine -- the conversations go one of two ways
A. People who have just met me listen to me talk about what I do -- basketball, YouTube, brand building -- and inevitably talk about the things they love and how they wish they could create a business or a brand from it, or just make money doing it somehow.

B. People who already know me reach out to me at some point -- maybe a week after meeting me, maybe 8 years after -- and tell me that they want to find a way to share their own passion, knowledge and expertise in some way. Maybe they want to ask me about starting a YouTube channel. Maybe they want to create a blog or website. Maybe teaching their passion is what they're good at, in some way. Most of them want to know how, if at all, money can be made from any of that stuff.

All of these people have one of two things in common: 1) They are, at some level, unhappy at their current job and are seeking a way to (gradually) get out of that rat race, and 2) They have always had a passion or expertise that they feel they want to be able to express and possibly earn income from. Some people even fall into group 3) They already know their passion and expertise, but they are not reaping white the rewards they feel they should.

Are you in one of these 3 groups?
I always help people as much as I can, telling them how I got started and what they can do to get themselves started. The main issue that I run into, though, is that I am limited to sharing only what I know and have done. There is not much direct knowledge I can transfer to an architect or a school teacher or a financial adviser on how to monetize their own expertise, simply because I have never done any of those things, nor do I have any type of magic potion to help them specifically in their own field.
I don't have a process -- a formula -- that any person can plug themselves into and know exactly what to share, who to share it with, and who are the people who will pay for that expertise.
Enter the Platform Expert.
My friend Dawnna is a Six Sigma black belt, and that has nothing to do tight martial arts. Don't feel embarrassed by your ignorance -- I didn't know what a Six Sigma black belt was when she said that to me either. In short, Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. A person with a black belt is an expert in creating formulas and processes that are proven to work, to produce the desired outcomes.
Dawnna St. Louis, holder of said black belt, is that expert.
Dawnna's Platform Expert program is a process that can take anyone -- yes, even you -- from confused and lost to knowing exactly what makes them an expert, whom to share it with, and even who is going to pay you for it. That's a hell of a package.

It would be impossible for me to oversell Dawnna or the Platform Expert, but Dawnna, via her website, can explain the how, what, and why of it much better than I could.

What are you waiting for? For your boss to give you a raise? For the Light of God to miraculously shine on you and show you The Way to monetize your passions? I hope not. If you've read this far, you're probably intelligent and rational enough to know that you're going to have to take some action, in some form, at some point if you want change to happen in your life and your business.
The action steps are laid out in front of you, right now -- just click and see for yourself. I'm serious. Go there and see. There's an entire video series and a workbook right there on the site that you can view and do, right now from your computer.

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