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Are You Qualified For Success? 🧐🤔

1) How many books are you reading in your chosen area of success?

A book (at least the good ones) is a shortcut to success. Authors go through years of life, experimenting, winning, losing and learning – to condense the most important aspects of what they've found into 200-some pages that you can consume in a few hours.

The concept for my book “The Third Day” came from my experience as an athlete.

I started playing basketball at age 14. I introduced the concept of The Third Day 20 years later. You can read the book in about five hours, if you’re a slow reader.

20 years of learning, condensed down to five hours. That’s the value of reading books.

They say that the average CEO reads 50 books per year. That’s one book per week.

Are you keeping up?

2) Are you studying those who are playing the game – and those who’ve already won it?

It’s here that I find even more value in people who have already won the game.

The jury is not out on their success (as with current players); it’s already documented and proven.

And, often, you can get access to their stuff for relatively cheap – since they may no longer be actively selling it. Some are not even alive anymore.

This is where you find value in going into the history of the game you’re in. Do you know who the players were in your industry 20, 40, 60 years ago? You should know. It’s your business to know who they were, and what THEY knew.

Why? What can you learn from these old people?

You can learn what works – because what works now is the same stuff that worked then; the only difference is that we have modernized it, put it on our smartphones, and have the footage in HD. Maybe we gave it a new name. Everything else is exactly the same.

It is your business to know the history of every game that you’re in, because what worked then, still works now. And, because most of your competition is too lazy to do this.

Don’t be like your competition

3) What investments have you made into your future success?

There are five forms of investment.






If we are talking about something in which you plan on making money, you need to invest your money into it.

Not for the sake of saying that you did it. Because investing money shortens your learning curve.

I’ll explain mathematically.

I would guess that you are a relatively smart person. Anything that you want to learn, you can access books, Google, or anything else online, and probably, with enough time, figure it out.

Let's say it takes you 3 years to figure something out.

The problem: You don’t have unlimited time.

The amount of time it would take you to figure it out carries with it the opportunity cost of the time you now DON’T have remaining, after you figure things out.

You paid 3 years to get the knowledge.

Time is your most valuable resource.

On the other hand, if you’d used your money to access someone or something that already knew what you were looking to know, and you were able to achieve the outcome in 3 months, you just bought yourself 33 months – a considerable amount of time – by using your money.

Let’s say that access cost you $10,000.

You bought 33 months of time for $10,000.

If you were on your deathbed, and the doctor told you that you could live another 33 months for $10,000 – would you find the money?

Even better news: Money can be replenished. Time cannot.

This is how you use money to buy time.

This is why you need to get financially invested in your success. It makes logical and practical sense. Doing everything on your own does not make sense, as it’s the most expensive way to do anything. Now you understand this mathematically.

So, I will ask again.

Are you qualified for success?

The next step to take is into Work On Your Game University. Here, you can have me as your direct, personal coach, and I will help you strategize and map out a specific plan for getting from where you are to where you wanna go, while I will help you deal with the inevitable obstacles along the way.

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