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This ain't for everybody. Actually, it's only for a select few. Before you get righteous with your own thoughts on this message, I'll explain what it means.

Anti-Humble is the person who doesn't need a false front of humility to make other people comfortable.
Anti-Humble is being humble enough to know you still have work to do - and doing it so well, you've earned to right to feel yourself.
Anti-Humble is when you know you're playing the game on a higher level and thus don't need to follow anyone's rules.
[dt_quote type="blockquote" font_size="h4" animation="none" background="plain"]ASAP Confidence: Stand Your Ground, Speak Like You Mean It and Call The Shots[/dt_quote]
Anti-Humble is the person who knows why people urge you to be humble: They haven't earned to right to be anything else; they're only telling you what they know.
Anti-Humble is making your own rules, bending or breaking them on an as-needed basis, and not answering to anyone
Anti-Humble is hearing everyone going against you at first, then -- slowly -- seeing everyone following your lead.
Anti-Humble is you at your highest level, every day.
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