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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Initiative/An Unspoken Truth About Getting Started -- Even When You Don't Have All Of The Information...
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An Unspoken Truth About Getting Started -- Even When You Don't Have All Of The Information...

97% of the way.
Based on common sense, basic questions and easily-accessible education (such as blogs, YouTube), that’s how far you can travel.
Yes — even you, who’s starting at zero today. You can cover damn near the whole journey with what’s available at your fingertips right now, at virtually no cost.

The last 3%? That’s the specialized education: coaching, courses, seminars, etc. What people pay the most for is that last 3% push across the proverbial finish line.

Most people never even get to that 3% part though: they convince themselves that they can’t even start on the 97% until they have 100% of the path clearly laid out. They need to gather all the answers for that last 3% before they begin.

This is the high school junior varsity player asking me how much money he might make playing professionally overseas.

Or the girl who’s never worked out in her life saying she doesn’t wanna get too many muscles and “look like a man” as a result of finally joining a gym.

When you get started and cover that first 97% of the journey, you have 97% positive momentum working in your favor. Getting the final 3% is much easier when you’ve already rolled through the first 97%.

Trying to get 100% when you’re stuck on zero is nearly impossible. Which is why people who can’t start without having “all” of the information have a built-in excuse to never start.

They usually never do.

There’s a saying that you can drive across the entirety of the USA as long as you can see just 100 yards in front of you. You don’t need to see clearly from New York to LA to start driving. 100 yards at a time, you’ll get there.

You don’t need to know everything— that’s impossible, since the definition of “everything” is always changing and you don’t have the capacity to absorb it all on your own anyway.
All you need is the first step and the next step. That’s it.
This is the simple logic that I share all the time with people who are “stuck” — alas, they’re often too smart to use my advice.
(H/t to Jim Edwards for this concept.)

Anyone who’s achieved anything had to develop the initiative to get started. It’s literally the difference between something and nothing. My book 100 Mental Game Best Practices is made to spark that initiative in you.

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