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An Hour-Long Call With My Assistant 🗣️⏳

I have a daily “huddle” with my Executive Assistant (EA) every work day.

We go over the previous day’s outcomes and challenges. I share any pertinent updates and corrections. We discuss any communications (emails, DMs, calls) that need my feedback.

On “smooth” days, the huddle lasts 10 minutes.

This past Wednesday, our huddle was an hour.

This is an improvement from 2020, the year I hired my first official EA. Some of those calls were 3 hours long. I’ve gotten better at explaining and documenting processes ahead of time since then.

This hour-long call was spent mostly going over our process for handling professional speaking inquiries.

Long story short, someone had reached out two weeks prior about hiring me to speak at their event. My EA scheduled a call between myself and that person. We had that call, and agreed to the major points — dates, times, fees, flights, hotels — and were on the same page regarding the next steps.

One complication, from the client’s end: They work at a company that has layers of decision makers.


Translated: Getting this entire deal DONE (read: We have money-in-hand, signed agreements and booked flights) meant bringing 2-8 more people into the conversation.

While I prefer to deal with just one person to consummate a business transaction, I don’t mind dealing with 10 people as long as the price is right and things get done in a timely fashion.

After two weeks and many back-and-forths, we did get it done and my appearance is on the calendar.

The hour-long huddle with my Executive Assistant was to debrief what we’d just done, and to make sure we have a clear process for the next one.

I had my EA involved in the entire process, but I want her to not only know what WHAT to do, but WHY we are doing it, and my mindset behind every action, every reply, every acceptance, every denial and every request.

“We ask for this because of this.”

“When you get this response, here’s what you need to know.”

“We will do this – but won’t do that – for these reasons.”

This is why the huddle took an hour.

I wasn't just teaching a process. I was teaching the THINKING that drives the process.


So the next time something like this happens, my EA can go from handling 25% to 50% to 75% to 98% of it without my input.

👆THIS is how you build a strong team.

When you just tell people what to do, they are reliant on you, always.

Every time something comes up, they have to come to you for answers. This is “transactional leadership.”

If you want to make people independently strong (your team at work, your players in sports, your kids at home), to where they need you LESS, you need to teach the WHY – not just the WHAT.

I want people on my team to download my mindset around business. The more that happens, the less anyone needs me. So, the more empowered they are to handle things, and the more my time is freed up to do things that only I can do.

Everyone wins.

Even clients who reach out to us win, as they don't need to wait for my EA to talk to me, then get back to them – everything is handled without me, and faster. Speed of execution matters. Especially when you're dealing with money.

By teaching the thought process behind the actions, you make people smarter and independent of you.

This is a relinquishing of control. And it’s the key to advancement when you have people with you.

When the people on your team need YOU for everything, you have no freedom. As a matter of fact, the larger your team, the more boxed-in you become.

On the other hand, when you make them better and less needy of you, you begin to create the freedom you wanted when you started your business. Remember that?

The people on your team become ASSETS who save you time and help drive revenue, instead of liability-laced robots who need you at every turn.

Assets put money in your pocket.
Liabilities cost you time, money and energy.

What have you set your team up to be?

This is a process that I do not only with myself, but coach other business owners to do with your team. Work with me directly and turn your team from a drag on your resources, to a force multiplier in your business.

Start here:

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