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All Your Fault 🤬

Energy is 85% of the job in life.

Energy gives you access to your skills.

Without energy, you accomplish nothing.

I figured out my personal formula: 2 consecutive nights of high-quality, 8 hours + in bed sleep equals great energy on that third day.

On Saturdays I run 7.15 miles in the morning. It was 93° F. I expected it to be a challenge.

As I say: The right structure makes execution predictable and easy.

I got great sleep Thursday night and had consistent energy throughout the day Friday. I just needed to do the same on Friday night.

Here’s my sleep from Friday:

Damn near 11 hours.

Which means I crushed the Saturday run, right?

Not exactly.

You see that “awake” period from 2 AM to 5:30 AM? That’s when my 11-month-old son decided to be awake. His unilateral decision threw off my plans.

I still ran. It was tough. I didn’t hit my expected numbers, but I finished it.

Cool story. But who gives a fuck?

Millions of people have kids. Babies wake up, cry, poop and demand attention at less-than-ideal times. My experience is not new or unique.

What if Saturday had been a 10K race day?

Would anyone care that my kid had me up for 3 hours?

Would I request a participation trophy for my troubles?

What if I had sponsors, managers, trainers who got paid based on my performance — do they want a story, or a result?

It’s not the baby’s fault, anyway. It’s my fault.

The baby did what babies do.

I could’ve gone to bed earlier.

I could’ve gotten better sleep in the days prior, so Friday night wouldn’t matter as much.

I could’ve not had kids in the first place.

The point being, things that I, myself did / didn’t do led to this outcome.

And things I can do or not do moving forward can have me better prepared for next Saturday.

This is an example of the level of extreme ownership & personal responsibility you need to have IF you’re going to take the 1% of life that you DO control and influence the 99% that you DON'T control.

It’s Discipline, Confidence & Mental Toughness all rolled into one. The goal: Results, regardless of circumstance.

Are you ready for that?

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