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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/All Me: Do You Believe In Yourself The Most?
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All Me: Do You Believe In Yourself The Most?

As I write this I'm sitting in my vehicle on the campus of the University of Miami after three hours of pickup hoops. I played well -- best player in the gym in my opinion -- but this is not about that.

I'm alone now; everyone else has pulled out of the parking lot. My active day is not yet done -- I'm headed to LA Fitness to do some lifting (with maybe a detour to Dunkin Donuts on the way there, to eat after my lift, of course) and then I can "relax", which for me just means computer work. Editing video and working on some new websites.
It always seems to end up this way, by myself to get it done or not. I prefer working alone; people move too slow (mentally and physically) for me and based on my output, no one else could do what I do anyway. I mean, look at the name of this website.
Being solo gives me energy. I like to do my work quietly with very little fanfare until it's time to show it to the world -- shipping, as Seth Godin likes to call it. I don't mind shipping at all; I'm not scared to show myself to the world (can't you tell?).
I don't like relying on people and I absolutely hate having anyone telling me what to do. I'm and order-giver, not a taker. I used to be really good at following orders until I realized I belonged at the head of the table. Now there's no turning back, even if I wanted to.
I'm a front-line guy, from now until. If you're looking for someone to follow, follow me. The ship will sink or float based on my actions.
That's how it should be. And it's exactly how I want it.

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