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A very successful salesperson once told me that a key ingredient to making more sales is to always agree with your prospect. “As soon as you go against the other guy,” he told me, “or make him wrong, though you may have been 100% right — you’ve lost the sale.

And a salesperson’s job is to make the sale, not to lose it, and not to be “right”” He challenged me to a 30-day “agreement challenge” that’s simple to understand: In all my conversations over a 30-day period, only agree with people.

If you catch yourself disagreeing with someone even once, start again at Day 1. He told me that most people couldn’t even make it through the first 24 hours before failing. I’m starting mine over, again, today.

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The first thing I thought when I heard about such an experiment may be the same as the first thing you think: What about when the other person is, factually and logically, wrong? 

The idea is to agree with the other person’s point of view, even if you know their information is inaccurate or their POV is based on a lack of knowledge.

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