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Affirmative Action and Meritocracy

If you pay attention to the news (which I get from Twitter, not TV), you may have heard.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has shot down the use of race-based admissions at colleges and universities across the country, commonly known as Affirmative Action.

Many people's (read: Race Hustlers online) knee-jerk reaction to this was that this ruling is somehow codifying white supremacy, and blocking black people from the opportunity to go to college.

This is nonsense on two fronts.

1) Any young person who is qualified to get into a university, will get into some university. Even if not one they are unqualified for (like a “C” student getting into Harvard), any willing student can and will get into some university.

In other words, if your academic performance says “community college,” that’s college! You may not get into Princeton or Harvard with your grades and test scores, but you CAN go to college.

All the SCOTUS ruling does is stop unqualified racial minorities from being admitted to schools that their performance does not qualify them for. It doesn’t block them from going to college full stop. And, the ruling should allow more of the most-qualified students to get into the best universities.

[Author Thomas Sowell explains this even further in this book:]

2) Many others have explained how the top beneficiaries of Affirmative Action have not been blacks, but white women.

(I won’t go into this point, but if you want to see a contemporary example of how a movement that’s ostensibly for one group gets hijacked and exploited by another group, see how LGBT co-opted all of BLM’s arguments and made it theirs. Where is BLM now???)

What I will address is the question of “legacy admissions.”

This is the counter-argument that AA supporters are making. If a black kid can’t get in because of race, then the children of alumni — legacy students (often of the white race) — shouldn’t be allowed in based on heredity!

I disagree.

Here’s why.

The job of a parent is to set their children up for success.

If a parent does their job, their children shouldn’t have it as hard as the parents did.

This “setup” can take many forms.




No child should have to start from all the same starting lines as their parents.

My son shouldn’t have to learn business via the same long and hard process as I did.

He should not need to teach himself basketball, if he wants to play.

Financially, he should not be age 18 with $0 in assets.

My job as a parent is to give him a head start.

College admissions is no exception.

If I graduated from a school, my kid should get in just on the strength of being related to me. My kids inherit a piece of my reputation the same way they inherit my financial assets.

“But that’s not merit-based, Dre!!”

You’re right.

Life ain’t a meritocracy.

Have you ever seen someone receive something that they hadn't fully earned, just because they knew the right person?

Me too.

That’s life.

In episode #2341 of the Work On Your Game Podcast, I explained what life and business actually are.

Life rewards people based on it being a —

1) Strateg-ocracy: The best game plan
2) System-ocracy: The best process

3) Politic-ocracy: The best connections and relationships

If you’re a parent reading this, it’s your JOB to set your kids up to win this game.

Not to complain that they should be handed things based on immutable traits like skin color, sexual preference or, say, height.

If you’re reading this and your parents didn’t set you up to win this game, there’s an answer for that, too.

Don’t let YOUR kids have the same problems that you did.

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