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Affirmation 3

Repeat after me (Clears throat):

Most rules are merely optional.

My only "supposed to's" are standards set by me.

If anyone is bothered by the shine of my light, that person - not my confidence - is the problem.

I am real with myself.

[dt_quote type="blockquote" font_size="h4" animation="none" background="plain"]The Super You: Unlocking and Living With Your Highest Level Of Confidence[/dt_quote]

I can change my situation at any time, even if the only change is how I see the situation.

I am my #1 priority.

I've earned the right to be happy.

What other people think I should be, do or want is not my business or concern.

Everything in my life starts and ends with me.

Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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