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Affirmation 1

Go to the mirror. Repeat after me:

"I am proud of myself.
I love the person I've become.
I want the best for myself.
I am humble enough to do the work that allows me to be cocky about my ability.
I am not content with settling.
I can have, do and be everything I want, with no limitations.

The Mental Handbook: The Guidebook to Approaching Sports & Life With a Bulletproof Mindset
I am my #1 priority.
I am who I want to be, not what I'm "supposed to" be.
I have a sense of urgency about my goals.
Though I am great, I strive to be even better.
Other people not living up to their own potential is not my business (unless they ask me for help). I am not ashamed to let people know all of the above.

Dre Baldwin is The Best. ?"

Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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