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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Accepting Things As They Are
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Accepting Things As They Are

I did a speaking gig for a certain company once. It was in a hotel conference room during winter. For some reason, though it was already cold enough outside (snowing, in fact), the hotel had the AC pumping cold air into the conference room. The temperature was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the conference room. The air conditioning had to have been on 65 or something. It was hand-numbing cold in there.

Two organizers from the company were already there when I walked in. After exchanging formalities, I asked them about the room temperature. They shrugged it off as just one of the hazards of the job that they were used to enduring.

One of the company people, a male, was wearing a sport coat and said that’s why he dresses how he does, just in case. He also claimed that, since we would be speaking anyway (he’d be saying some things before I came to the stage), the AC would be helpful for cooling us down.

My hands didn’t thaw out until I got back to my hotel room that night and ran hot water over them.

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