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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Accept The Insects Of Life in Your Comment Section
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Accept The Insects Of Life in Your Comment Section

Every once in a while I write or record something where someone disagrees with my views/opinion, and they say as much in the comments. Often, I find that their disagreement is based on the minutiae -- pointing out every possible exception, saying how the opposite view can be correct, etc. These were special people because they seemed to be the type who just looked for something to contradict and my post/vid just happened to fit the bill at the moment.

Six years ago, I thought this practice was limited to teenagers who had a lot of idle time on their hands to surf the internet and stir shit up (or try to) with their comments. But after becoming a more active LinkedIn user this year, I was blessed with the clarity to realize that those same teenagers grow up to become the adults of our society.

Now, I'm far from perfect in this regard: I used to love going to battle with these people. My early YouTube videos were war zones for debate -- often with people who possessed little to no credibility to even be debating. It was a weakness of mine that I had to identify and correct. I can only laugh to myself now when I look back on those times and be thankful I figured it out.

These insect-like individuals will search for fault in every little thing and see what they can make out of it, often with exciting results (comment-section anger is a form of excitement). And, just like insects, they will never disappear from the earth. Learn to accept their existence, swat one away when it flies too close, use some OFF! spray if it gets crazy.

But they will be around, if not now, then later. Just smile and remember that mosquitoes need to suck blood to live.

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