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I received a comment on YouTube the other day that went something like this. 

Dre, Person B has this philosophy and I know you know Person B. Yet, my observation is that you're not following Person B's philosophy. Why not? 

Man, oh man. So many things about this question concern me about our future. Here's my answer. 

Just because I know Person B doesn't mean I'd do everything this person says. My goals and ways are mine, his ways and goals are his. 
Are Person B and I in the same line of work? Do we have the same goals? The answer to the first part is absolutely not, and we all know this (since Person B is known as widely as I am). As for the second part, the only perish who knows my goals is me. As for Person B's goals? I don't know nor do I care. Which leads to...
You're askin Person C (me) why he's not doing what Person B says -- you're asking the wrong question altogether. What you need to ask and focus on: What is Person A (you) doing? What are his goals and what is he doing to reach them? 

I am older than many of the commenters who ask me questions like this, so I understand that they are growing up in a radically different world than the one I grew up in. The access we have to other people's lives at our fingertips in this world gives people the inclination to pay an inordinate amount of attention to what other people are doing, what this girl should do, what kind of shoes he wore yesterday. It opens a lane for endless enterntinament -- if you're into that stuff -- but it takes away focus from where it needs to be: On ourselves and what we need to do. 

Watching person B and comparing him to Person C gives you something to talk about and takes all responsibility off of you and removes the mirror from in front of you: In on ther words, it's comfortable. But comfort and achievement don't sleep together. 

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