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🪄 A Magic Formula For Accomplishment [That You Don't Use]

Ivan is a member of Work On Your Game University who I’ve known for a few years.

He's an entrepreneur whose focus is on fitness training for athletes and civilians.

Ivan used to work in television, and shared with me an anecdote about his background in TV that will be useful to you.

In his television days, Ivan would be given huge tasks to get done, with an extremely short deadline in which to get it done.

Most of the time, Ivan completed the tasks that had been assigned to him. As such, he was able to keep his job in TV.

That’s it.

That’s the Magic Formula.

For those of you who did not catch it, let me break it down in steps.

1) Give yourself a lot / something substantial to get done.

2) Give yourself an unreasonably short period of time to complete it.

3) Mandate, under severe penalty (such as getting fired or something else you want to avoid), that you get it done.

4) Watch your productivity and effectiveness soar.

Is this stressful? Yes.
Lots of pressure? Yes.
Hard work? Yes.

Does it produce results? Yes.

The key here is step #3.

Most of you don't have enough pressure on you. You have nothing FORCING you to get things done. As such, nothing gets done.

You’re reading this right now while you should be working.

It’s why you constantly let yourself off the hook, don't hold yourself accountable, and laugh at your own self-sanctioned incompetence.

You're OK with coming up short, not following through on your commitments, and telling yourself that you “just need to ________,” and never doing it.

To be honest, I can’t help you.

I’m good at what I do, but I’m not a magician.

I can’t make someone successful who doesn’t want to be a success.

For those who are for real, this is a solution to point #3. It’s called accountability.

The more successful the person, the more accountable they are.

To themselves.
To their families.
To the people who depend on them.
To their own goals.

That accountability is their mandate to perform.

But they don’t leave it to chance.

They enroll others to help hold them to their own standards.

Athletes have trainers.
High performers have coaches and join masterminds.
Great organizations have minimum performance standards.

Average people try — and fail — to do it alone.

Smart people aren’t really that smart. They just utilize more than one brain, so they appear smart.

Less-smart people aren’t dumb. They just have a severe limitation: Access to only one brain. Anything that one brain doesn’t know or can’t figure out, they just fail at.

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