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A Leader Raises The Whole Room

I have a friend who took some dance classes in the past. Her experiences with two different instructors provided a great contrast in leadership.

In one class she took, the instructor was good. My friend's dancing skills got better gradually, class-by-class.

In another class, however, the instructors were outstanding. My friend said her dancing skills seemed to increase fivefold in just one session. The energy in the room was higher, participation was increased, and she was itching for the next class when it was over.

The leadership of a group has an effect that goes much deeper than just the activities of the leader.

A good leader, at best, motivates. Motivation is some outside stimulus that activates us to go and make things happen. Motivation works, but people 1) always need more of it and 2) need the help of someone outside of themselves to get the motivation.

An outstanding leader inspires. Inspiration is the stimulating energy that is brought up from within to drive our actions. When you motivate people, you'll have to motivate them again when it wears off (and all motivation does). People perform better, dig deeper within themselves, and go the extra mile more often when an outstanding leader inspires the group to do so.

I like to think people join groups or classes to improve their ability to bring better performance out of themselves. This is the job of the person at the front of the room. A good leader develops followers who need the leader to function. A great leader develops leaders, who can soon do it on their own.

More followers increase your numbers; more leaders increase your effectiveness.

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