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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/A Few Leadership Principles 
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A Few Leadership Principles 

There are many ways to lead, and many ways one can come into a leadership position. But to get there -- and keep the position -- there are certain principles that apply to every leader, across all fields. These are requirements if you want to A) Remain the leader and B) Have your position respected, so you are not just a leader in name but also in action.

Be the first one to work and/or the last one to leave. How can you lead if someone else thinks they're working harder or more than you are?
Hold yourself more accountable than anyone else. If, for example, you assign someone a task and it doesn't get done properly, take responsibility for it in some way. Maybe your directions weren't clear. Maybe you put the wrong person on the job. Maybe you had the wrong job idea in the first place.
Make sure everyone on your team knows where they stand. Do you go over each activity/project with your members? Do they know when they have done well or could do better?

Be accessible. Where are you? How can people reach you? What can they talk to you about? Do they know these things?

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