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Work On Your Game Content/basketball/A Dumb Question That Is Unacceptable Coming From An Adult
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A Dumb Question That Is Unacceptable Coming From An Adult

An adult (read: over age 18; this person was over 25) pro basketball hopeful reached out to me about his situation. It boiled down to:
What do you think would happen if I did this? How would a team or coach respond? Do you think they would take interest in me?
These are the type of questions I get from 13-year-old kids. I give them the benefit of the doubt. 
You? No benefits. No doubt.
It's a useless question. A time-waster. A crutch of a question, in fact: well, since I don't know what would happen and no one would tell me it's a good idea, I don't want to waste the time/money/energy finding out
So this person ends up where they began: doing and becoming nothing.
Sounds harsh to you?
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I talk to a lot of people. Know this: this mindset doesn't confine itself to just one part of a person's life. They just happen to be sharing the basketball side with me at the moment.
How you do anything is how you do everything.
Professional anything is for adults only. Which means, if you want to be recognized as a pro in anything you do, you accept being treated as an adult. Adults make their own decisions and accept the results of said decisions. When an adult is unsure, she takes actions to solve the mystery.
[bctt tweet="Professional anything is for adults only." username="dreallday"]
Kids need reassurance before trying things. They're not adults; kids don't have the same level of experience in decision-making and proactiveness (but I'm doing my best to help kids develop this mindset as early as possible).  
So I understand when a high school sophomore asks something like the above question.
I don't understand when someone twice that age asks.
Don't let it be you.
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This is where a heroic commentator chimes in.
But you're supposed to help people out who have questions! You don't need to be rude to people! Help them out, you jerk!!
Shut the fuck up.
I AM helping you. You'll understand when you grow up.
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