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A Bipolar (?) Entrepreneur...

I go to a popular boxing gym in Miami.

The owner hangs out there a lot during the day, at least by what I can see on Instagram. I’m an early riser, so I don’t see him often.

I met the guy when I joined. He was all friendly and such, as one should be when wooing a customer.

The 2-3 times I’ve seen him since, his energy’s been completely different.

He looked at me with an unfamiliar, standoffish eye. As if he had no idea why I’d be looking at or speaking to him.

Mentally, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was having a bad day or had a lot on his mind. Perhaps he doesn’t even remember meeting me.

But, I’ve asked some other members of the gym if they’ve noticed the same thing about this guy.


On social media, this owner shows the personality he had when I first met him. He’s engaging, friendly, and talking up how great his gym is.

And when some famous person — Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul, Evander Holyfield — shows up, the celeb gets the red carpet treatment.

The gym spotlights the famous visitor, ostensibly to drive new members to the gym. Maybe it works; maybe it just builds vanity metrics. What I know for sure is that you’ll know about it when it happens.

The owner has the game backwards.


In all fairness, my experiences are circumstantial. It’s just my “lived experience,” which ≠ absolute truth.

What I’ve personally seen in this guy doesn’t make it all of who he is. It doesn’t mean this owner is a bipolar jerk who’s only friendly when he stands to benefit.

But it does make me curious, and brings up some bigger points about business.

This guy runs a fitness facility. Members, most of whom are everyday, working nobodies, pay monthly for access to the gym. A certain percentage of those members use the gym regularly AND will never be world famous (at least not for boxing).

These are the folks the owner should be paying the MOST attention to.

These are the people he and his team should find a way to spotlight.

Because these “rank and file” members are the reason why he has a business.

Floyd Mayweather visited, took some photos and vids, and left.

Sure, Floyd’s name, image and likeness draws attention. But Floyd doesn’t pay a monthly membership fee.

Most members of this gym don’t have thousands of social media followers. They’re not “influencers.” But they pay their membership every 30 days, and they’re the ones using the gym every day.

Here’s what I’d do if I ran a fitness facility — or any business whose costumers physically show up every day:

1) Talk to my front desk staff. Find out who the regulars are. The ones who consistently use the gym.

Highlight THEM.

Most people looking at this gym on Instagram won’t ever be Floyd Mayweather, and ain’t trying to be.

I’m not joining a gym because a champion boxer goes there. But I would join if I saw someone who looks like me in there.

2) Spend time in the gym talking to the “regular” people.

Find out why they’re there. What they like and don’t like. Tell them what’s on the way.

Treat them with the same level of attention that this star-chasing owner gives to the celebrities.


What I’m describing here are business soft skills.

They’re the intangible interpersonal skills that act as the “conductor” that connects you to people and their money.

If your “stuff” is good enough, it’ll sell even without soft skills. Thing is, your buyers will desert you the very moment your stuff is no longer needed.

When there’s a relationship, we stick around for the connection.

For the friends.
For the emotions.
For knowing we can go somewhere where people know and appreciate us.

This is harder to do with online “stuff” than it is with actual human-to-human engagement. It should be happening all the time if you have a physical destination business.

I coach on this and a lot more in the People Skills Course in Work On Your Game University, which you can join here:

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