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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#989: Why You Will Lose Some Friends Over The Next 5 Years
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#989: Why You Will Lose Some Friends Over The Next 5 Years

Yes it’s true. The people hanging with you now? They won’t all be there five years from now — and not because anything bad happened to them or to you. I’ll tell you exactly why it’s going to happen, and what to do in preparation and after it happens.

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1:58 Today's Topic: Why You Will Probably Lose Some Friends Over The Next 5 Years

3:41 Point I: Not everybody is on this program is getting better and not everybody who gets on it is going to stick to it.

9:27 You cannot talk someone into wanting to get better.

13:34 Point II: People who aren't doing what you are doing, those friends of yours who are not gonna stay on this program, over time, you won't be able to relate with this person anymore.

14:59 The level of consciousness does not mean somebody has to be doing as well as you.

20:10 Point III: All achievement in life, lies outside of what we are comfortable doing.

23:26 Point IV: What made you friends with your friends right now, will become less and less relevant over time.

25:13 As you continue to develop and grow and get better and make yourself more valuable, not everybody is going on this journey with you

26:08 Recap


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