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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#988: Stop Making Yourself Small
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#988: Stop Making Yourself Small

Have you ever felt you had played your hand too timidly in some area of your life? The opportunity was there, but you hesitated to take it and make something of it? I think we’ve all been there, at times. Today’s show teaches you how to not let that happen again.

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1:56 Today's Topic: Stop Making Yourself Small

4:56 Point I: We judge things by appearance and our perception of other people is our reality.

8:55 If you want people to see you as big, you gotta make yourself big.

9:30 Point II: School is the last place in life where there is equality, and fairness.

12:17 Force acknowledgment for what you want.

14:35 Point III: Some people are born into just being big in life.

16:34 It is your job to continually grow. Any moment that you are not growing, you are going the opposite direction.

17:05 4 Speicific things that you need to stop to stop being small.

17:10 Point I: Stop remaining silent when you have something to say.

17:50 Point II: Stop hesistating.

18:32 Point III: Stop muting your colors to make other people comfortable.

21:09 Point IV: Stop trying to be like your friends.

22:20 Recap


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