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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#983: Why And When You Need To Exercise Patience
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#983: Why And When You Need To Exercise Patience

Life doesn’t always have plans to move at the same speed that you want to move at. And, while with a good amount of personal initiative, you may be able to influence events to some extent, you can’t always — today’s show is about the patience you’ll need to learn to exercise.

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2:00 Today's Topic: Why You Need to Learn Patience

4:41 Point I: Nobody else is working on a schedule that you are working on.

9:17 Sometimes things just take as long as they take and we just need to be patient.

10:00 Point II: You can produce better results if you will take your time and not rush into whatever situation you are in.

12:32 Sometimes, time will go to work on your behalf if you are patient enough to let it go work on your behalf.

13:01 Point III: If you are not the boss, you are subject to someone else's time.

14:13 Sometimes in life you gotta play a position.

14:59 Recap

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