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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#982: Why And How Winning Changes Everything
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#982: Why And How Winning Changes Everything

The law of inertia states that an object shall remain in its current state unless acted upon by another object. Inertia is completely impartial, which means it works for the stuff you don’t want just as well as it works for the stuff you want. When it comes to success, inertia creates the halo effect on people — and today I’ll show you how to get it working on and for you.

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1:56 Today's Topic: How Winning Changes Everything

11:13 Point I: Understand that businesses care about making money and drawing people to their products and services.

14:27 Point II: Human beings are driven by self-interest.

17:07 Point III: The 95% Rule

20:38 Point IV: You do not need to be perfect at what you do.

23:23 Recap----

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