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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#978: Why Every Group MUST Establish Leaders And A Pecking Order
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#978: Why Every Group MUST Establish Leaders And A Pecking Order

There’s no such thing as a co-leader. Every organization must have a boss, a person in charge, the person with whom the buck stops, as they say. ONE person. Today I explain why that is, and how everyone in a group just know where they stand and what is expected of them because of that standing.


4:37 Today's Topic: Why Every Group MUST Establish Leaders

8:12 Point I: So there's no one stepping out the line later on.

11:35 Establish clear roles for everybody so that no one is stepping out of line later on.

11:45 Point II: To settle all conflicts before it even happens.

13:52 You need to make sure there's clear communication from the beginning that settles all these conflicts before they even come up.

14:20 Point III: So no one can bitch or complain about their position later on down the line.

16:22 Point IV: Anyone who can't accept the person who has been established as the leader, those people must go ASAP.

20:41 Recap----

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