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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#975: The 4 Types Of People To Avoid
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#975: The 4 Types Of People To Avoid

You’ll come across a lot of people in your life as you grow, advance and make moves. Today I’m sharing with you the four specific types of people you don’t want to have around you, and if you find yourself around them, figure out how to get away ASAP. These are the human cancers that cannot and should not be cured.


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4:25 Today's Topic: People You Need To Move Yourself Away From You

6:59 Point I: The Unhappy

8:34 Point II: The Unmotivated

10:33 A person who's not motivated doesn't want to hear something that is intended to motivate them.

10:42 People who are not motivated cannot be motivated.

11:11 Point III: The Talkers. The person who say's the right things at the right time but none of what they say actually happens.

13:15 Point IV: The Unexcited.

13:44: To be great at anything, it requires game, skill, discipline and emotional connection.

16:27 Recap

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