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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#971: The 95% Rule, And Dealing With Public Opinion
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#971: The 95% Rule, And Dealing With Public Opinion

Social media has a lot of us taking our cues — about how to feel about ourselves and others — from the peanut gallery of the nameless, faceless general public. It’s all good when that general public is applauding us, but what about if and when they turn the other way? Today’s show is all about that, and where you need to get your self-efficacy from moving forward.


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4:33 Today's Topic: 95% Rule: How to Deal with Public Opinion

9:07 Point I: When you're winning, when you're on top and when you're "successful", 95% of the population will be your fan.

10:24 Point II: The remaining 5% are the people who will feel the same way about you regardless of what you're doing and status.

11:16 Point III: Do not base how you see yourself, how you feel about yourself or what you do in your work. Do not base it on what the public is saying.

12:57 Point IV: You must accept this rule, accept it as it is; human nature. Accept it and use it to your advantage.

17:15 Recap

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