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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#957: How To Earn Your Right To Criticize
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#957: How To Earn Your Right To Criticize

Are there things other people are doing (or not doing) that you could offer some help with? Maybe you’re frustrated with someone and would love to offer a piece of your mind. Today, learn how you earn your right to criticize — and yes, it must be earned.

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2:32 Today's Topic: How To Earn Your Right To Criticize

10:30 Point I: Who are you? What is your credibility to criticize another person?

13:08 Point II: You must care about the person you're criticizing.

18:58 You can be 100 percent correct and criticize another person, but if they think that you're just doing it to satisfy yourself and you don't care about them - they won't hear you, they won't use it, and you're not going to be effective.

19:56 Point III: Offer a fix

24:08 Recap

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