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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#954: How To Develop Tunnel-Vision-Level Focus
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#954: How To Develop Tunnel-Vision-Level Focus

Have you ever wanted to focus so sharply that you couldn’t even see any possible distractions? So nothing could disturb you and nothing could bother you? Today I tell you how.

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3:16 Today's Topic: How To Develop A Tunnel-Vision Focus

3:51 When you're focused, there are no such things as distractions. Distraction only exist if you notice them.

6:00 Point I: Definiteness of Purpose

7:12 The starting point of any achievement you have in life is being definite about what it is you're trying to achieve.

7:26 Point II: You gotta have an 'Unshakeable Belief'

8:37 You gotta get something that'll move you on to the next step.

13:34 Point III: Stay ready even when it's not your time

15:32 Even though you may not be doing the thing at the moment, you're still ready for it.

18:47 Recap


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