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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#953: Sometimes, You Gotta Be Irrational
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#953: Sometimes, You Gotta Be Irrational

Rational people make wise, strategic decisions that have been well thought-out and carefully planned. Rational people are rarely reckless and don’t do risky things that could hurt them. Rational people go with the grain, never against it.

Sometimes you have to be exact opposite of this person.

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3:17 Today's Topic: Sometimes, You Have To Be Irrational

6:59 Point I: Your areas of irrationality are hint into your superpowers

7:30 The fact that I'm bipolar is my superpower to be successful. - Kanye West

8:21 Point II: Trends are set and new ways of doing things happen when someone decides to be irrational

10:44 No. Imma be irrational and do things my way. - LeBron James

12:30 Point III: Rational is base on logic or reason

15:26 Recap


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