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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#951: How To Earn Your Ego
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#951: How To Earn Your Ego

Ego. Everyone has it; some more than others. And if you have more ego than ability to back it up, you could cost yourself a lot. Today, then, we examine what exactly earns you the right to have an ego about your work.

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3:06 Today's Topic: How To Earn Your Ego

4:30 Point I: Be Humble

4:34 The number one way to earn your ego is to be humble.

5:52 You earn ego with humility.

6:50 Point II: Build Your Resume

7:03 You gotta have something behind your name.

10:16 Point III: Bet on Yourself, and WIN!

12:14 You gotta prove everybody wrong.

12:43 Recap


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