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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#949: How To Utilize College
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#949: How To Utilize College

This episode is for my students, in or headed to college — and parents of future students — on how to get the most of your experience. In going to college, you’re making a big investment, probably the largest investment you’ve made to that point in life. It would be smart to know how to make the most of such an investment.

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3:07 Today's Topic: How To Utilize Your Time In College

9:18 Point I: The purpose of college is not to jam you with information and to prepare you for adult life

10:25 Nobody supplies the answers when you get into adult life.

12:21 Point II: You are a college, you need to think

14:57 The purpose of you being in school is to learn to think for yourself.

16:41 Point III: You must learn to build relationships and make friends

18:06 Point IV: Stay Stupid

20:08 Recap


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