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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#947: Are You Selling Yourself Short?
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#947: Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Ever felt like you were receiving much less than you’re worth? Or like you’d accepted something that was much less than what you felt you deserved? Have you ever felt like you should be playing at a much higher level than where you actually were? Have you ever felt like you were selling yourself short? Today I’ll help you identify when and where you have — and what to do about it.

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3:01 Today’s Topic: Are You Selling Yourself Short?

4:01 Point I: Have you settled into being significantly less than you could be because it’s comfortable to be in that position?

6:02 When you start selling yourself short, you settle into getting comfortable with being comfortable.

6:28 Point II: Are you toning down your own skills to make everyone else around you feel comfortable?

7:31 All men are created equal but all men do not remain equal.

10:09 Point III: Do you try hard to make everyone feel equal when it’s clear that everybody ain’t equal?

14:55 Play your position.

15:47 Recap

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