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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#940: How To Mentally Deal With Losing
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#940: How To Mentally Deal With Losing

Loss is a part of life. No matter how good we are, sometimes we just come up short, don’t have all the needed skills yet in place, or come up against someone or something that’s just better than us. Today’s show teaches you how to deal with these inevitable losses.

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3:38 Today's Topic: How To Deal With Losing

5:10 Point I If you're not losing, you're probably not playing against anybody who's good

5:37 Losing is part of the game.

8:38 Point II: When you lose, you must examine what you personally could have done better in that situation

10:09 If and when you lose, there's always something that you personally failed to do.

16:02 Point III: With this knowledge in hand, get yourself prepared for the Next Game

17:49 Mental toughness is your ability to keep at it even when facing the setbacks.

20:41 Recap

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