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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#936: Dre Baldwin’s Counterintuitive Beliefs Vol. 1
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#936: Dre Baldwin’s Counterintuitive Beliefs Vol. 1

If you want to be an thought leader or subject-matter expert, you need ideas that differ from the same stuff that everyone else in your space is saying or has said. You need to go against the grain, have some ideas that many people would think are crazy. Today I’ll share with you some of mine.

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3:40 Today's Topic: Dre Baldwin's Counter-Intuitive Beliefs Vol. 1

4:54 Point I: What you do is who you are

6:52 We identify people by their work.

8:05 Point II: Hard work is a key to success after you choose the right things to work hard at

9:42 You can't 'hard work' your way to success when you have no talent.

12:59 Point III: There is a correct balance of confidence, there's none

14:30 If there's a correct balance of confidence, why do so many people fail to find?

16:31 Point IV: Motivation is for amateurs

17:52 You have a problem if you seek motivation from outside of yourself to do what you have to do.

20:15 If you're seeking motivation, you are already motivated in the beginning.

21:41 Professional is about getting the job done and delivering every single time.

21:54 Recap

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