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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#933: How To Ignore The Clowns
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#933: How To Ignore The Clowns

The comment sections of websites are breeding grounds for clowns: People who’d rather talk about what others are doing, rather than doing stuff themselves. They have opinions, lots of them, and they have nothing better to do than share those opinions about you, with you. These people aren’t going away. So today’s show is about what you can do to shut them out mentally and focus on doing your job.

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3:36 Today's Topic: Ignoring the Clowns.

5:52 How much of your limited focus are you spending on the things that actually matter for you to get to where you gotta go?

7:40 Point I: Stop replying, responding and reacting to everything

8:17 Stop feeling as if you need to reply, respond and react to everything that is coming from everywhere outside of you.

9:29 You allowing what clowns do to force you into a certain action, then you're becoming a clown.

11:03 Point II: Stop tying your self-worth to external opinions

12:56 Either your attitude is changing the attitude of others or other people's attitude are changing yours.

13:58 Stop reading what "everybody" has to say about you. There's a limited number of people whose opinion actually matters in your life.

17:02 Point III: You may be listening a little bit too hard to what's being said

18:00 You don't need to hear everything that's being said. You don't need to see everything someone posted. You don't need to be in the middle of every conversation that's happening. They have no bearing on your success.

18:17 If something is really important that you really really need to know, that information will find it's way to you.

21:09 We may not know exactly what the right things are but we know what the wrong things are

21:16 Recap

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