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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#928: How To Be Irrationally Confident
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#928: How To Be Irrationally Confident

Confidence counts — a lot. In the pros, confidence (which comes from discipline— see ep #757) makes the difference between the bench and the starters and the All-Stars. My belief is, once the skills are in place, the higher you can bring your confidence, the higher the ceiling in your performance (or maybe you can lift it altogether).

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3:40 Today's Topic: How To Be Irrationally Confident

8:12 Point I: Have your game in order

8:52 You gotta have some actual skill.

9:48 Point II: You must know or believe something that the masses do not

9:57 There has to be some knowledge in your mind that most people who look at you, they're not seeing that thing.

17:34 Point III: You must have a workable and believable strategy

18:41 You must have a strategy in place of how you're gonna make those ideas come to life and actually work for you.

21:07 Recap

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