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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#926: How To Finish Stronger Than You Started
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#926: How To Finish Stronger Than You Started

People often forget how you started something if your finish is ugly. Though the primacy bias if real, the recency is even more real. We have strong mental connections to the last thing we saw, felt or experienced. So while you do want to start strong, today I’ll share with you how to be prepared to finish even stronger.

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3:53 Today's Topic: How To Finish Stronger Than You Started

4:53 How can you be that great even at the end?

6:08 Point I: You must be ready for more than you expect to need.

9:35 You gotta be prepared in every way possible, every way necessary to be ready for more than you need so when you get to the end you'd have plenty of energy.

9:47 Point II: Have a full understanding of the task in front of you.

13:48 Know what your opponent plans to do.

21:03 Point III: It is no how you play the game, it is how you finish the game.

21:24 After the game, the only people who would know whether you won or lose is you. - John Wooden

22:12 How you finish matters the most.

23:43 Recap

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