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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#920: Strengthening Your Decision-Making Muscle
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#920: Strengthening Your Decision-Making Muscle

Many people talk about the concept of betting on yourself, but not many people even know what it means. Today I’ll break that down and explain how to beat position yourself to not only bet on yourself — but to win that bet.

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3:42 Today's Topic: How To Bet On Yourself

5:38 Point I: Put more of your resources into you than you put into anyone or anything else

6:10 You should be putting more of the five resources (time, money, attention, energy & focus) each one of them more of them into your development than your putting into the development of anyone else or of anything else.

9:14 Point II: What do you stand to win?

9:25 Nobody makes a bet unless they believe they can win.

10:21 We can't get so motivated if the thing that we stand to gain from our actions is not that big.

14:34 Point III: Simplify and Clarify your existence

14:54 What are you about?

18:40 What is it that you're going to represent that when people think of it they gotta think of you.

18:58 Point IV: Give yourself no other choice but to make it work

20:59 Make this bet a winning bet.

21:27 Point V: You gotta make some tangible commitments

21:55 You gotta make some tangible commitments that commit you to some actions that are going to move you closer to winning that bet.

23:08 How much would you need to have bet that you are unwilling to lose therefore you will take so much action until to ensure that you win the bet.

24:16 Recap

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