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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#917: Best Advice Basketball Coaches Ever Gave Me, Pt. 1
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#917: Best Advice Basketball Coaches Ever Gave Me, Pt. 1

I played for a lot of coaches as a player. These two episodes detail the best advice I ever received from my coaches, along with what their advice means for you today, in or outside of sports.

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3:40 Today's Topic: Best Advice That I Receive From My Basketball Coaches Part 1

4:26 Point I: This is not a tryout, this is the beginning of practice

5:09 When you walk in the door for whatever it is you're doing, don't look at is as a tryout or audition ... 'look at it as you beginning your new career'

6:16 Point II: Make these. Do not overthink your performance. Just go do it

8:30 When you step into your work with the belief and knowledge

10:13 Point III: I don't miss

11:54 When you're in a moment of taking action never consider the possibility of failure

12:30 Point IV: Prove your talk

15:06 You must be willing when you know you have the game to speak up for your opportunity

15:34 Point V: Before you blame anyone else, look at yourself in the mirror

18:14 Before you blame and get mad at anyone, You need to look at yourself and what you did and did not do

18:48 Point VI: You gotta know the program that you're involved in

21:02 You gotta know everything that is going on

21:18 Recap

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