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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#913: How To Treat Your Desired Career or Business Professionally Before It Is One
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#913: How To Treat Your Desired Career or Business Professionally Before It Is One

Once you get into that competitive job or business, you’ll be expected to ready to hit the ground running. Today you’ll learn how to start using the focus and disciplined approach of the professional even before you’ve become one on paper.

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3:44 Today's Topic: How To Treat Your

5:02 Treat your business like a business if you want it to give you returns like a business

6:28 Point I: Have a schedule and stick to it

8:28 A professional is consistent in their efforts

10:20 You gotta figure out what your brand is gonna be. How are you gonna do it consistently and what should people come to expect from it

11:10 Still give the effort even when you're not yet getting the result

11:13 Point II: Set benchmarks for yourselves and be accountable to those benchmarks

12:20 A professional is paid to live up to a standard

15:23 Point III: Track and measure your progress and asses what needs to be added, eliminated or changed

18:52 If you're going to be a pro at what you do, you must be doing this on a consistent basis

18:56 Point IV: You must invest in improvement. Investing in yourself and getting better at what you do

20:59 Recap

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