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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#901: How To Ignore The Spectators
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#901: How To Ignore The Spectators

Life is populated with many more watchers than doers. So when you, doer, do your thing, the many spectators may have opinions about you and your work that you’ve felt a need to reply to. Today you’ll learn how to ignore those who aren’t in the game.

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2:55 Today’s Topic: How To Ignore The Spectators

4:49 When we know we’re being watched, our performance changes. Some performances goes down, some goes up

5:59 Point I: Know that the spectators are part of the game

7:07 Condition yourself to perform under scrutiny

8:21 You gotta get live game reps.

9:08 Mentally, you gotta know the venue. Be ready for what’s ahead

9:58 Point II: Know that the spectators, by definition are there to see you. You are not there to see them

10:46 You are not there for them, they are there for you

11:26 Prepare yourself as someone who other people invest time, energy, attention, money, and resources into watching

12:45 Point III: Have your game in order

13:10 When you know what you’re doing and you know you’re good at it, you’re excited to be seen! It’s not a burden to have people watch you

14:12 Disclaimer: You gotta know your job and role. Know what you’re there to do

16:03 Recap


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