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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#899: The Poker Game Of Life
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#899: The Poker Game Of Life

Disclaimer: I don’t even play poker. But I’ve listened to some pro player talk the game and noticed many of the parallels to daily life. Thus, this episode exists.

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3:04 Today’s Topic: Poker

4:03 Point I: We are all poker players. You gotta put something in to get in the game

5:11 You wanna be an athlete, you gotta buy in. Work on your game

5:24 You gotta put something in before you get something out

7:36 Point II: The longer the hand goes and the more people who are still involved in that hand the higher the stakes

12:10 You can lose just as big as you can win

12:18 The longer you invest it, the more chance you have in winning and losing

12:31 Point III: If you fold in a hand of poker you have zero possibility of winning anything

14:31 You don’t have to invest any further in something if you decide that your hand isn’t right at the same time you also put yourself in a position where you won’t win

15:08 Point IV: You never know for sure what everyone else has and what you have, measures up

15:58 It’s all about knowing the probabilities

18:25 Recap

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