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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#898: How To Make Important, In-Demand People Notice You
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#898: How To Make Important, In-Demand People Notice You

You aren’t doing all that hard work just to be ignored and stay in the same place you’ve always been. You’ll want to get the attention, eventually, of people who can help you make things happen — but many of those people get contacted often and don’t have the resources to reply to everyone. What can you do? Today I’ll tell you.

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2:56 Today’s Topic: How to get in-demand people to pay attention to you

4:28 Point I: Do not show up empty-handed

5:30 You gotta have a track record that makes you “important” to a person who’s already

6:30 What is it that the other person is going to get out of dealing with you?

7:47 Point II: Get yourself in-demand

8:02 Get active in showing your game and get to know people

8:57 When you’re showing your game, people will come to you

10:08 Get active. Get known. Let people know you

11:07 Point III: Do not be needy

13:08 There’s no okay that you gotta get from anybody to become an important individual

13:18 Recap

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