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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#894: How To Be Less Of A People-Pleaser
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#894: How To Be Less Of A People-Pleaser

There’s nothing wrong with getting along, compromising, and being friendly with people. It becomes a problem only when we put making friends over achieving results — and this is a results-based podcast. Today’s show is about being less of the people-pleasing type.

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3:00 Today’s Topic: How do you care less about pleasing people

4:35 Point I: Empower Yourself

4:43 The less power you have, the more you have to rely on the power of somebody else

6:55 You must acquire knowledge. you gotta know what’s going on. You need skills, ability to do things and do it

8:37 Point II: Be MORE CONFIDENT in Yourself

10:44 If you step your confidence up, people will believe it and people will follow the lead of how you decide to present yourself

11:38 Point III: You gotta practice the mindset of caring less about pleasing people

13:03 The more someone tries to please another person the more the person who is trying to be pleased is going to demand

14:20 The harder you try to please people, the more they gonna make you try to please them. The less you try to please people, the more you turn your back, the more people will come after you, flipping the whole situation all around

14:43 Recap

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