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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#893: How To Be Your Best, Consistently
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#893: How To Be Your Best, Consistently

Think of one of your best days at work, one of your best performances that left you really excited: If I can do that every time, imagine the returns I’d produce! Today we talk about how to be that Best You much more often, to the point that anything less than your best is the exception.

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2:57 Today’s Topic: How to be you BEST, CONSISTENTLY

5:45 Just because you have the skill, doesn’t mean you’ll be good by default

8:01 Point I: You must require a certain level of performance from yourself

8:15 There has to be standard for you to be as good as you are every single day

10:55 To be good all the time, the roots of that are a commitment and a discipline that make that commitment real

11:20 Point II: Do not depend on excitement, on novelty, don’t depend on some magic trick or something that makes you mentally excited

14:50 When you depend on excitement, you crash quickly and you crash pretty hard

14:55 You don’t want to depend on excitement, because when the excitement wears off then what you gonna do?

14:59 Point III: Get around other people who are just as sharp as you and you all pick each other up

16:15 When you got people around you who are just as sharp as you, and everybody’s picking everybody up, that’s when you create a circle of success

17:21 You gotta be holding yourself accountable in order to hold other people accountable

20:55 Recap

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